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  • Istradion

    One fateful night, the Torel'ai monks razed a Drow village near the edges of the Underdark as part of a campaign with the Ithildra army. Luckily, one monk took pity on a drow infant and brought him back to the monastery. Growing up, Mt. Firedrum was all …

  • Memory

    Memory is a tiefling that travels the Nine Bells and the surrounding areas pretending to be a good natured and heroic bard. Though beneath his carefully constructed facade he is a greedy and conniving infernal pact warlock.

  • David Stronghammer

    The son of the great smith Toruk Stronghammer, David has spent his entire life in Nine Bells. A quiet dreamer, he is a disappointment to his father who could never manage the smithy life. He sets out into the wilds with a spiritual connection to nature …

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