Notice Board

It’s a common fact that anyone who is looking to explore Aldar is welcome at the Three Hammers. A large table in the middle of the common room has become a meeting point for those wishing to venture out with a group of like minded individuals. At some point in time, an explorer started to carve the town and the area around it on the wood. Papers with notes and warnings were strewn across the table and carved upon the wood.


Available Quests/Rumors

Any Biome​ – ​*Explore*​: Head in a direction and explore the surroundings. If you spend enough time, you’re sure to uncover something interesting.

Hanging Threads


The Forest of WIllows​ – ​*Sunken Vault*​: Krusk, Memory, Istradion, David Stronghammer – Rangers within the Forest of Willows have said that something is submerged in a lake they’ve been calling the Bluesong Lake. In the middle, surrounded by mists, is a hexahedron partially submerged within the swampy waters of the Bluesong. They’ve been able to spot what looks like an entrance or an opening into the structure, but between there and the shore are murky waters with dark shapes stirring underneath.

Notice Board

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