The Forest of Willows


The Forest of Willows is a massive temperate rainforest that lies to the northwest of The Nine Bells. Many different species of tree grow here but it is named for the massive willows that dwarf even the redwoods that grow nearer the southern border. It experiences no seasons, being damp and cool all year long. There is a great variety of wildlife in the forest ranging from bears and bullywugs to shambling mounds and dryads. The Forest of Willows is a primal forest and its creatures are not friendly to fey creatures. Many fey who have set foot in this forest have fallen prey to an ettercap’s trap.


The Forest- Overall the forest is cold, damp and unforgiving. There are many woodland creatures here. Most notable are the bears both black and brown. The brown bears keep more to the northern parts of the forest and the black bears avoid brown bear territory.

On occasions blighted plants spring up, infesting the plantlife around them giving rise to awakened trees and shrubs as well as needle, twig, and vine blights. Sometimes severely blighted areas will give rise to shambling mounds. (Blights don’t necessarily spawn from gulthias trees).


The Forest of Willows feels both alien and empty. Most living things in the forest have learned to keep quiet, travelers may go hours without hearing anything but the leaves beneath their boots. Though the forest is still very hostile to anything from outside its borders. Creatures are not afraid to lay in wait to ambush potential prey. When there is activity in the forest it is sudden and violent.

The only exception to how quite the forest is are the bullywug. They bumble through the forest with a reckless abandon. They feel that they own the forest and it puts them at odds with the forest itself.

The fog that falls on the forest can be oppressive. Limiting visibility immensely, the paths can easily be lost because it gets so thick. It is times like these that predators that don’t rely on sight thrive.

Potential Creatures
Blights MMpg31

Green Dragons (Extremely Rare would only show up near the willows) MMpg 94

Dryads (Again also very rare, always tied to a willow in some way. Always bound to a tree, not necessarily a willow)

Ettercap MMpg 131

Owlbears MMpg249

Shambling Mounds MMpg270

Treants MMpg289

Trolls are not unheard of MMpg291

Awakened Shrubs and Awakened Trees MMpg317

Black Bears MMpg318
Brown Bears MMpg319
(Brown bears are more uncommon than black)

Unfinished Notes

A massive damp sprawling forest that hides several large swamps within it.
Home to a tribe of bullywugs that are more concerned with defending their swamps than anything outside of their home forest.
If it can be mapped it would provide a quick way through the first ring.
Mist can sets in on occasion, reducing visibility and travel speed.
Notable places include massive hollow trees, bullywug villages, and the dens of many different forest creatures.
Experiences no seasons. Always wet and cold, usually clear weather. Often rains, occasional dense mist or fog.
Strange plants grow here on occasion, it is not too uncommon for poisonous plants to take root and blight the surrounding forest. Affecting both the surrounding plant life and animal life. The bullywugs are equally likely to band together to destroy it, desperately attempt to clear it out, or try to make use of it to strengthen their tribe.
At least two or three small ranger outposts. The forest provides plenty of opportunity to hunt for game and other useful, generally natural, things.

The Forest of Willows

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