The Kobold Kaves


When the settlers on the Nine Bells first landed in the West Marches, the many caves near the shores served as an obvious and hasty shelter. Unfortunately, it seemed that the native kobolds had the same idea, and thought of it many, many years earlier. While the settlers had to set up a permanent shelter outside of these earthly dwellings, adventurers have found no short supply of spelunking-filled excitement in its dark depths. The kobold tribes are fiercely territorial, and diplomacy often gets messy fast. They have lived in the caves for as long as their shamans have told stories of their histories, and the network of tunnels is impossibly complex. Some tribes speak of a great wyrm (or worm? Kobolds aren’t much for spelling) that first dug the tunnels when the world was young, and that the wyrm dug so deep that it fell out into hell! In truth, no one knows what kind of vile aberrations lurk in the darkest depths of these winding caverns, or if they ever truly end, but the residents of the Kobold Kaves know well where their kind becomes no longer welcome

Things to consider

  • Cave environment. Many entrances from the surface at this level. There is even one entrance visible (~20min walk) outside of town along the coast. Not really any fantastic terrain in this shallow of a level, maybe a main underground river.
  • The kobolds have been living there for a long time, so it is well-lit and well decorated. There are many secret passageways and of course many traps.
  • Monsters include mainly kobolds, but also low-level critters. This is a relatively “civilized” biome, so there’s typically not too much danger from wildlife.
  • The kobold tribes (to be fleshed out by DMs who wish to use them) are a constant and ever-changing source of conflict. They of course have treasure troves of material wealth as well as information about the cave networks.
  • In order to access deeper levels of the caves (i.e., more difficult biomes), the players MUST find a way to get past one or more tribes, diplomatically or otherwise.

The Kobold Kaves

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