The Nine Bells


“…and so they left the docks of Stormhold, each ship representing a different nation of the world, in accordance with the Everflow Pact…”
-Scribe’s records of the Grand Historian Herodotus

Over 200 years ago in 1000 YK, the nine first came to the shores of Aldar, the captains and their crews were not prepared for the unusual and chaotic weather patterns of the Grey Sea. The snips wrecked upon the rocky shores of Aldar, but the survivors were strong and they endured. From the wreckage of the nine they built the skeleton of a town and they named it The Nine Bells, to show strength against the hells that tried to take them.

Over the years it’s population surged, and what started out as a base of operations to explore and survive the undiscovered lands that lie to the west, grew into a large town of around 2000 citizens from across a wide variety of nations. Common folk who’ve traveled to The Nine Bells to escape the troubles of the nations back home, or to escape the memories of the War of Regrets, make their living in a variety of ways. Hunters stalk the forests and hills that surround Nine Bells for rare pelts, furs, and meats. Farmers have made crops out of the arable land, mostly consisting of barley, wheat, oats, potatoes, and corn. The Abundant ocean life that surrounds The Nine Bells make a fisherman’s life easy and stable. Now Misfits, outlaws, veterans, explorers, and adventures flock to the town in search of a new life, to discover the mysteries of this new land, and to claim it’s riches as their own.

Size: Large Town
Population: ~2500


The original mission of the nine was to explore the land of Aldar, each shit representing a different nation of the civilized world. After the wreckage and rebuilding of the nine into the foundations of the Nine Bells the surviving captains and first mates governed. The nations of the world agreed that for the time being, and to avoid causing further tension, that The Nine Bells would not fall under any of their rule. The citizens decided amongst themselves that the town should be ruled by a council consisting of the descendants of the original captains of the nine, and several powerful factions from civilized lands.

Notable Locations

The Three Hammers – The Three Hammers is a well-known inn/tavern, it is the largest of its kind in town. With four floors above ground and two levels of cellar below, the Three Hammer easily trumps the smaller taverns and inns. The ground floor is given over to the kitchen and communal areas. The upper three floors consist almost entirely of bedrooms. All floors are connected in one corner via a dumbwaiter shaft sufficiently large enough to accommodate two persons pressed together. The inn is furnished with old, comfortable, and slightly shabby furniture culled from a dozen keeps and many homes of rich and poor. The walls are crowded with trophy heads of creatures from deer to Illithid, old fading paintings of fanciful and imaginative scenes, and thick tapestries from several score of cultures. The common room is filled with wooden tables and bar stools, a large kitchen in the back brews strong smells of cooked meat and mead. Three dwarvish brothers own the Three Hammers. Tank, Tect, and Tonk of Clan Longbeard

It’s a common fact that anyone who is looking to explore Aldar is welcome at the Three Hammers. A large table in the middle of the common room has become a meeting point for those wishing to venture out with a group of like minded individuals. At some point in time, an explorer started to carve the town and the area around it on the wood. Papers with notes and warnings were strewn across the table and carved upon the wood.

The Nine Bells

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